Pioneers in the Global Nicotine Industry.

Over the last 30 years, Nicobrand has invested heavily in our people and capabilities to become an industry leader of bulk UK nicotine products, wholesale nicotine and  pharmaceutical grade nicotine products.

Across our range of nicotine Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and our nicotine solutions, our products exceed the highest quality standards.

Our uncompromising quality and expertise is delivered by way of excellent customer service, with a clear emphasis on building strong relationships with our customers.

We continue to develop and expand our bulk nicotine product offering in a fast moving marketplace. In short, we are well placed to deliver bulk and wholesale pharmaceutical grade nicotine throughout the UK.

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Nicotine Products

Our pharmaceutical partners benefit from the highest quality Nicotine APIs, processed to suit the delivery system they require, whether patches, gum or liquid.

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Contact and location

From developing and producing the highest quality products at our dedicated cGMP nicotine production site, to providing safe, reliable logistics, we deliver on our promises.

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