Nicotine Solutions – E-Liquid Nicotine

Looking for a UK wholesale manufacturer and supplier of e liquid nicotine and liquid nicotine solutions?

We currently offer a range of nicotine formulations, manufactured under controlled conditions, for use as ‘e-liquids’ in the electronic cigarette market. Each batch produced undergoes testing to our in-house specification with only pharmacopoeia raw materials used in the manufacturing.

Nicoliquid: Bringing Nicobrand quality to the e-cigarette market

As a company with a 100 year pedigree, we can safely say that, in a market that is facing increasing regulation, the businesses that put quality and safety first and foremost will be the ones to thrive in the longer term.

We’ve developed our Nicoliquid range to comply with anticipated regulatory requirements, meaning our e liquid nicotine products are ahead of the curve.

We’ll continue to invest in the R&D that maintains our industry leading status.

Plus, of course, you can rely on the superior quality and service you expect from Nicobrand.

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Product Quality Batch Quantities Minimum Order Quantity
Nicotine Propylene Glycol (PG) All USP/Ph Eur Materials Up to 1000kg 30kg
Nicotine Glycerol (VG) All USP/Ph Eur Materials Up to 600kg 30kg


The Best Quality Nicotine Products in the Marketplace

Our pharmaceutical partners benefit from the highest quality Nicotine APIs, processed to suit the delivery system they require, whether patches, gum or liquid.

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