Nicotine USP/EP

Nicotine USP/EP distilled from a natural product to AEMSA Nicotine Standards.

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Nicotine is produced in our bespoke manufacturing suite under cGMP conditions in Coleraine.

Our Nicotine USP/EP is a colourless to straw coloured liquid, extracted from the tobacco leaf and manufactured to meet both the USP and Ph Eur pharmacopeia standards.

Our Nicotine USP/EP meets AEMSA nicotine standards.

Our Nicotine USP/EP is REACH registered 01-2120066934-47-0001

Stocks of Nicotine USP/EP are held at our site in N.Ireland and in the USA:

US & Canada Sales

North America Nicotine
Phone: +1 916 402 5800

Product Quality Batch Quantities Pack Size Regulatory
Nicotine USP/EP USP/PH Eur up to 500kg 1kg and 25kg USDMF ASMF


The Best Quality Nicotine Products in the Marketplace

Our pharmaceutical partners benefit from the highest quality Nicotine APIs, processed to suit the delivery system they require, whether patches, gum or liquid.

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